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LBAN's Research in Partnership with Stanford University

The goal of LBAN’s SLEI research is to understand the state of Latino entrepreneurship across the country. Every year we collect source data directly from thousands of business owners and leverage large datasets to synthesize trends, thereby shaping research in this field. We release our findings in an annual research report titled "State of Latino Entrepreneurship," and we host a State of Latino Entrepreneurship Forum at Stanford every year. 


We make our research available to the public to inform business leaders, policymakers, capital providers, academics, the media, and our Business Scaling Program cohort. 


LBAN collaborates with other organizations similarly interested in expanding the knowledge related to Latino entrepreneurship and the Latino economic impact on the U.S. economy. In addition, we engage academic scholars through annual conventions to mobilize a more extensive network of interdisciplinary scholarship and increase the visibility of this research and its impact. 


The larger goal of our research program is to positively impact the Latino community's economic development and the country's overall prosperity.

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Fast Facts


The number of Latino-owned businesses is growing 10x faster than White-owned businesses (57% vs 5%).

$800 B

Is contributed by Latino-owned businesses annually to the U.S. economy.


Latino-owned businesses receive less than 2% of the available Venture Capital funding in the U.S.


The odds of loan approval from national banks are 60% lower for Latino-owned businesses.

9 Years of Foundational Research

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2022 Research Report

This report highlights some of the most pressing post-pandemic issues facing American businesses during a period of economic uncertainty. We administered a national survey to more than 10,000 U.S. business owners. 

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2021 Research Report

For the past six years, SLEI has collected survey data from Latino-owned businesses across the country to provide an updated account of the latest trends in Latino entrepreneurship in the United States. 

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The Ongoing Impact of COVID-19 on Latino-Owned Businesses

SLEI 2019 Research Report Cover.png

The Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative has collected survey data from a cumulative sample of 5,000 Latino business owners across the country to provide an updated account of the latest trends in Latino entrepreneurship in the United States. 

2019 Research Report

SLEI 2016 Research Report.png

2016 Research Report

Stanford University professors and staff conducted the primary research and we are building ties with other university researchers to support additional studies.

SLEI 2021 Research Report Cover.png

Closing the Gap

This special 2021 report about the capital gap for Latino business owners was created through a special partnership between LBAN, SLEI and Bain & Company, Inc.

SLEI 2018 Research Report Cover.png

We created an ongoing research panel of more than 1,000 Latino business owners for our 2018 research report so that our data collection in future years will capture the growth of established businesses over time.

2018 Research Report

SLEI 2015 Research Report.png

In this survey, we expand upon existing studies on issues related to Latino entrepreneurs and Latino-owned businesses in the United States, including the 2015 and 2016 State of Latino Entrepreneurship reports.

2015 Research Report

2015 Research Report

SLEI 2017 Research Report Cover.png

2017 Research Report

Our 2017 survey examines issues related to Latino entrepreneurs and Latino-owned businesses in the U.S.  In addition, we continue to investigate financing and the importance of growth for Latino businesses.

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