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Our Programs

Grow Your Business with LBAN

About Our Programs

Join Latino entrepreneurs who are committed to growing their businesses by participating in our programs at Stanford, you will develop a growth mindset, inspiring you to look at your company differently.  Through our programs, you will have an experienced mentor to challenge you, support you, and help you apply the curriculum to your business. You will be immersed in a network of Latino business leaders from across the country, who are all eager to guide their company to the next level.  In addition, you will learn about funding and capital options, and financial management, and have various exercises to prepare you for conversations that you will have with capital providers. 

Upcoming Cohorts:

  • LBAN's Business Scaling Program at Stanford - Cohort 18

    • October 9th - December 14, 2024

  • LBAN's Startup Accelerator at Stanford - Cohort 2

    • Spring 2025

Apply for LBAN's Business Scaling Program at Stanford or our NEW LBAN Startup Accelerator program.

Business Scaling Program

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LBAN's Business Scaling Program at Stanford is a transformative educational program for Latino business owners to catalyze the scaling of their companies. This is a selective 9-week program that draws Latino entrepreneurs from across the United States.
Program for Latina and Latino business owners that have generated $1M+ in revenue or have raised $1.5M+ from external investments (Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors, or Bank Loans). Non-profits must have a budget of $1M+.

Startup Accelerator

LBAN’s New Startup Accelerator will help startups establish business principles that accelerate growth and traction.

Accelerator for Latina and Latino founders that have generated $1M+ in revenue or have raised $200K to $1.5M from Venture Capitalists (VCs) or Angel Investors.

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Supported by JPMorgan Chase & Co.

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