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LBAN Alumni Badge

LBAN Alumni! We have big news that will help showcase your alumni status as a graduate of LBAN’s Business Scaling Program at Stanford GSB.  We have partnered with Credly to provide you with a digital version of your Business Scaling Program credential. 


You will receive an email soon from Credly (our credential partner) inviting you to claim your digital badge for completing LBAN’s Business Scaling Program at Stanford. This will allow you to easily share your achievement with your professional network on LinkedIn, pitch decks and other platforms.


I have a question about Credly. Where can I find support?

You can find tutorials and answers to additional questions here: or contact your LBAN contact at


Who is Credly?

Credly is the end-to-end solution for issuing and managing digital credentials. Credly works with credible organizations to provide digital credentials to individuals, worldwide.


What is a badge?

Badges are web-enabled versions of a credential, certification, or learning outcome that can be verified in real-time, online. 


Where and how can I share my badge through Credly?

You can share your badge directly from Credly to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook; over email; embedded in a website, or in your email signature.


How does my certification get displayed as a badge?

We have partnered with Credly to translate the learning outcomes you’ve demonstrated into a badge, issued and managed through the company's digital badging platform. This enables you to manage, share, and verify your competencies digitally.


What are the benefits of a badge?

Representing your skills as a badge gives you a way to share your abilities online in a way that is simple, trusted, and can be easily verified in real-time. Badges provide your peers concrete evidence of what you had to do to earn your credential and what you’re now capable of. 

How will I know if I’ve earned a badge?

You will receive an email notification from Credly ( with instructions for claiming your badge and setting up your account.


What if I don’t want my badge to be public?

You can easily configure your privacy settings in Credly. You’re in complete control of the information about yourself that is made public.


Is there a fee to use Credly?

No. This is a service we provide to you, at no cost.


What’s to keep someone else from copying my badge and using it?

While badges are simply digital image files, they are uniquely linked to data hosted on Credly. This link to verified data makes them more reliable and secure than a paper-based certificate. It also eliminates the possibility of anyone claiming your credentials and your associated identity.


Can I import badges issued from other platforms into Credly?

Not at this time.

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