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Press Release: Nation’s premiere Latino entrepreneur program announces launch of Supplier Diversity

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

The Latino Business Action Network will accept applications to the new program until June 29

PALO ALTO, Calif., June 25, 2022 — The Latino Business Action Network (LBAN), is presenting to

its 900-plus alumni network a new offering, its Supplier Diversity Advancement Program.

Available exclusively to qualified alumni of LBAN’s Stanford Latino Entrepreneur Initiative (SLEI)

education program, the new offering is yet another key component to helping Latino/Latina

business owners be successful on their scaling journeys.

The Supplier Diversity Advancement Program focuses on general procurement education,

hands-on training, and a due diligence assessment. Applicants will have the opportunity to

enrich their understanding of the procurement process through curriculum centered around

marketing/branding, sales and contract due diligence. The program will culminate with a

focused introduction to LBAN’s corporate partners who champion supplier diversity and

minority-owned businesses.

This immersive program is open to established businesses with $1 million or more in gross

annual revenue, are certified minority enterprises, and are well positioned to engage with

corporations. Participants must also be alumni of LBAN’s Stanford Latino Entrepreneur Initiative

(SLEI) business-scaling education program, a partnership between LBAN and the Stanford

University Graduate School of Business.

“Access to corporate relationships is crucial for Latino businesses,” added Arturo Cazares, CEO,

LBAN. “The Supplier Diversity Advancement Program is a unique opportunity for qualified

Latino businesses to learn what it takes to do business with companies like Nike, Apple, REI,

Wells Fargo and Bank of America.” Additionally, Cazares noted, LBAN’s Supplier Diversity

Advancement has benefits for its corporate partners as well, providing access to the top three

percent of Latino-owned businesses, schedule one-on-one meetings with dynamic

organizations and achieve their corporate supplier diversity goals.

Companies interested in participating in LBAN’s Supplier Diversity Advancement program must

apply by June 29. Further details of the program are available at LINK.

About LBAN

LBAN is a dynamic nonprofit based in Silicon Valley with a big mission to strengthen the U.S.

economy by empowering Latino entrepreneurship across the country. We partner with

Stanford University through the jointly supported Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative

(SLEI). In addition to driving SLEI-Research, SLEI-Education Business Scaling Program, LBAN

focuses on building a national ecosystem for Latino business owners.

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