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Elian Savodivker

Elian Savodivker is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in family businesses and high-tech startups. From leading strategy from the lean startup phase to global market rollout, Elian is an expert at working with companies at all stages of their capital needs. He is currently based in Los Angeles.

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Elians’ family immigrated from Argentina when he was a young child. After moving to the US, his parents, having limited resources and networks, decided to work on the American dream by becoming entrepreneurs. This is where Elian got to see firsthand how the Latinx community powers the American economy. Elian grew up in Florida, where he worked alongside his family. Years later, he would take all that knowledge to start GreenWork IT, an IT asset management business. After leading a global team in a children’s educational program, Elian was inspired to follow his passion for creating a startup to help kids have access to educational experiences. 


Elian has a deep passion for community building and opening access for people to reach their true potential.

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