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Episode 1: To Find Your Champions, Dig Into Your Culture, Roots

David Favela, the founder and CEO of craft brewery Border X Brewing, speaks with Elian and Juleyka about crowd-funding for capital, using data to discover who his customers really are, and going against industry norms that often overlook Latinos and women.


About Our Guest

David Favela

David Favela is a 1st generation American, born to Mexican immigrants. He holds a Bachelor degree and an MBA from UCSD, School of Global Policy & Strategy, and was a Woodrow Wilson Fellow at Princeton University. He has worked at HP for over 20 years, in a variety of roles from Supply Chain, Business Development to his role as Global Business Manager for HP Education. He started Border X Brewing in Barrio Logan, a historic Latino community that had been economically depressed for over a decade. Border X is the first wholly owned Latino-owned brewery in San Diego, and has been a catalyst for a grass roots driven Barrio renaissance, with dozens of new, community owned businesses established and flourishing. Border X was selected as “Best Brewery Start-up” by Brewbound magazine in 2016. In March 2020, David was nominated for the prestigious James Beard Award.


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Transcript: Scaled The Latino Business Story - David Favela
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