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Arturo Cázares

Arturo Cázares has extensive C-level executive leadership experience at various technology companies. He has led business units with multibillion-dollar annual revenue responsibility and thousands of employees at large public technology companies. He has also led the global go-to-market teams at various startups driving revenue growth and scaling the companies to successful acquisitions. Cázares is based in Silicon Valley, has lived and worked in Europe twice, and is originally from Mexico. In addition to the U.S. and Europe, he has extensive experience building and leading teams across Asia and Latin America.

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Arturo Cázares is the CEO of Latino Business Action Network (LBAN), a Silicon Valley based non-profit that partners with Stanford to empower Latino entrepreneurship across the country. With his leadership, LBAN has become a thought leader in Latino entrepreneurship. LBANs foundational research uncovers the facts on millions of Latino entrepreneurs across the U.S., and LBANs ecosystem includes over 1,000 Latino business owners nationally that graduated from its Business Scaling program at Stanford, giving LBAN a uniquely broad and deep understanding of the challenges Latino entrepreneurs face and the great opportunity they represent for the U.S.


Prior to LBAN, Cázares was a C-level executive with extensive experience scaling businesses, from building and leading teams at start-ups to leading multi-billion-dollar revenue organizations with thousands of employees worldwide. Cázares has lived and worked in Europe twice and has extensive experience in Asia and Latin America.


Cázares was a child immigrant to the U.S. His family is from rural Mexico; they migrated to the central valley of California, where Cázares was raised. He has an Electrical Engineering degree from Stanford and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He lives in Silicon Valley with his family.

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